International business expansion provides diversification, revenues, and jobs for individual firms and the economy as a whole. The NAITA Global Trade Award honors existing local businesses for their dedication in pursuing and penetrating global markets. By recognizing these efforts, NAITA hopes to encourage others to explore and/or expand their international business and to strengthen the network of businesses involved in international trade.

The company selected for the 2017 NAITA Global Trade Award will be recognized at the 34th Annual World Trade Day Luncheon.

The recipient will be invited to present a program at a NAITA meeting or International Business Interchange. When applicable, NAITA will work with this recipient to complete an application for the “E” Award, which is designated by the President of the United States and is the highest honor an American firm can receive for its exporting activity.

Applications will be accepted for the 2017 award through May 5, 2017.
Please click here to see past recipients and to download the application.
For further information, contact Anne Burkett, NAITA Executive Director, 256.532.3505 or