Programs & Services Committee – Eddie Midgett, Chair

The Programs Committee is chaired by the Vice President - Programs. This committee identifies speakers for World Trade Day, and it identifies programs and settings for additional annual and periodic programs.

Development Committee – Barbie Peek, Chair

The Development Committee is chaired by the Vice President - Development. This committee develops and implements a plan for increasing the quality and quantity of the membership and makes recommendations on membership benefits for membership retention. This committee identifies and recruits new members at all membership levels and identifies materials and information needed for membership recruitment. To accomplish this objective, the committee identifies membership incentives and implements approved incentives. Maintains membership statistics.

Global Initiatives Committee – Angela Guerra, Chair

The Global Initiatives Committee is chaired by the Vice President-Global Initiatives. This committee identifies and coordinates with strategic partners for NAITA that could lead to increased international business for the region. This committee determines how to structure these strategic partnerships for long-term growth.